Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thank Goodness for Government

You might wonder why the following DHS video had to be made; especially considering that 47% of its production was paid for with borrowed money. Never mind the dubious value of a video telling you what to do should you come in contact with a lunatic shooting up your workplace or school.

I think most of us would run or hide. Isn't that common sense? "Fight back with whatever is available if you absolutely can't get away or hide," is also pretty much a no brainer. Is there evidence that any victims of a mass shooting had continued their ping-pong game?

The only bit of it that isn't common sense is just plain wrong. It says don't assist any wounded victims on your way out of the building. What if you assess the situation and decide that you are willing to expose yourself to a bit more danger in order to help a fellow human being?

Peter Falk was just as helpful: Serpentine! Serpentine!:

Sure, this is the same government that brought you this:

But they weren't borrowing from the Chinese to make the clip.

thanks: NRO


OMMAG said...

Good fro them .... always thinking.........

GregMan said...

They left out the part where you should pray to The Most Holy Obama while your disarmed and defenseless co-workers are being mowed down by the shooter.

OMMAG said...

Apparently Texas .... there is a boom in teachers who are enrolling for firearms training. Especially ... combat training.

F@ck the kids they say ... it's self preservation that matters.

Anonymous said...

OMMAG...did it ever occur to you that they are looking to protect their class from an active shooter?
Do you really think they'd save themselves and not save their students?
Your take is utterly absurd and bizarre...

There are sheeple, there are sheepdogs, and then there are idiots like you.