Thursday, March 13, 2014


So are you excited that Cosmos is coming back? (with Neil deGrasse Tyson as the host) Course, it might be a letdown, look at Weekend at Bernies II. But I'm going to give it a chance.

This might be a warning though, President Obama will give an intro. So there's a chance they'll try to shoehorn global warming and healthcare into the mix. "What's odd about dark matter is that we can't see it, much like the CO2 that is slowly choking all living things on earth, even the little puppies."

Hey, and that reminds me. Know what Carl Sagan was? (I mean besides the inspiration that caused affected speech in almost all current TV cosmologists - and some cosmetologists) He was an actual secular humanist. Which means that he promoted humanist ideas. But he didn't feel the need to go all in your face.
“Every  one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees  with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not  find another.”
-Carl Sagan
See? So much more there than the "your skygod is a fairy tale" fare served up by cranky activists these days.

Neil deGrasse Tyson seems ok as well. He claims to be an agnostic, which is cool, but I'm still not sure I forgive him for killing Pluto. He claims he didn't. He claims "All I did was drive the getaway car."

Well, meh.  It didn't knock my socks off. Or even one, it didn't knock even one sock off. Hard to say what was so great about the first Cosmos, maybe it was just that then the information was new to me... or maybe the cosmos was different back then. I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats have ruined the cosmos. You know that's the direction they've been traveling.


Wry Mouth said...

Poor Sagan. "In the cosmic perspective," everyone is meaningless trash. But at least he (like many other materialists) developed and adhered to the Myth of Existential Preciosity, which makes materialism bearable.

I like (or would, as soon as I find one) the materialists who "get" that their Myth of Existential Preciosity is, at best, as much of a made-up myth as a personal God, or Kwaanza.

Anonymous said...

For the first Cosmos they had music that was GREAT, for this new edition, meh.
And yes, the dimemiturds did sully the Cosmos for us over the years.