Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Oh the colors...

Sorry, I was playing around with the background and I didn't
realize I'd left the sherbert colors up. Ah well, I'll find the
old colors later.

Hey, know what I saw on Discovery Health? Only tuned in for
a second but I heard this woman talking about her face-lift-tune-up.
She was saying that grief had changed her face, and so I was
thinking, poor woman, she'd lost a child, or a friend, or whatever.
Then she's in with the doctor.... and she's saying, "And this line
here, [indicating a crease in her forehead] this was from the
first Bush administration..." Hahahahahahahahaha.

I never watch those Health ouchie-cringe shows so I didn't see
if the doctor fixed her face. Imagine though, the poor woman
blames even the natural effects of aging on the president. Amazing.