Saturday, December 31, 2005

EZ Christmas Shopping through Amazon

Regarding Order # blah-blah-blah
qty: 4 of ASIN/ISBN: B00074USGU
"5 LED flashlight with batteries"

These flashlights arrived *without* batteries, one inoperative, one
intermittent, and one in a box with "He's Dead, Jim" handwritten on the
side. And the "He's Dead" one, obviously a return, had a pricetag from
"wiredco" for $10. 00.
OK, I understand the Christmas rush probably made things crazy around there
but you should never resell inoperative returns. I didn't see the "he's
dead, jim" writing when I wrapped this as a (late) christmas gift and so I
looked like a regifter of defective presents.
Considering the quality of these flashlights, I don't want to keep any of
So what to do now? Can you send me 4 comparable flashlights, ones that
work, or should I return these 4 and void the sale?

OK, Should have known better. But at $15, these looked like
great little-gifts. And manly enough so that I didn't feel gay giving
them to other guys. But man, cheap doesn't describe them. Put one
into the junk drawer and all the other crap would kick its butt, dental
floss, paper clips, and hair scrunchies included.