Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawking Sings Imagine

If you can't see a black hole, is it still there?

Stephen Hawking has made a fair living off of black holes. But he's never seen one. Nobody has seen the inside of a black hole. What they've done is describe what a black hole must be like because of how light and matter behave around it.

And before 1971, when Cygnus X-1 was discovered, it would have been short sighted to categorically state that black holes can't exist. Yet now Hawking is alleging that there is no Heaven because we can't give him the address:

In "A Brief History of Time" he suggested that the idea of a divine being was not necessarily incompatible with a scientific understanding of the Universe.

But in his 2010 book "The Grand Design" he said a deity no longer has any place in theories on the creation of the universe in the light of a series of developments in physics.

Astounding that even complex and amazing minds like Hawking's can be limited by lack of imagination.