Wednesday, July 06, 2011


This whole Casey Anthony thing, I dunno... I really haven't been paying attention. I figured early on that this was either an unspeakable tragedy or an unimaginable tragedy, and that's not the sort of thing I'd like to dwell on. Many smart friends and family members are telling me that she was guilty, so I imagine she probably is. But she still has to go before another judge. The Judge. And He knows all and sees all.

By the way, minutes after the OJ verdict came out I remarked to a customer that the next judge wouldn't be so easily fooled. (meaning the next judge would be God) The customer didn't say much but obviously he didn't get what I was saying. Because two years later, when OJ lost in civil court, the customer was astounded that I had even known that there would be a civil trial. "and you called the verdict too"

I acted all humble and mentioned something about wisdom coming with age.