Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Bill Maher's experiment was simple: to see how long he could talk frankly about the illiberalism of the Muslim world before actor and director Ben Affleck, also a guest on the show, accused him of racism?

When Maher and Harris pointed out how widespread retrograde attitudes are in the Muslim world, Affleck said they were “stereotyping.” But the data doesn’t stereotype. Especially in less-developed countries, it is appalling.

The percentage of Muslims in Middle Eastern and South Asian countries who say that honor killings are never justified is shockingly low (31 percent in Egypt, 45 percent in Pakistan). Support for the stoning of adulterers is more than 40 percent in Bangladesh and 80 percent in Afghanistan. The death penalty for leaving Islam is almost, although not quite, as popular as stoning.

Affleck simply couldn’t handle the truth. He kept on insisting it is just a few bad apples who think this way....


Gino said...

honor killings in the middle east still take place, but proportionally, the christian population is the larger culprit.

its a matter of culture and social mores. religion is just an explanation without a foundation for many things.

OMMAG said...

Honour killings take place in Britain, Europe, Canada and the USA.

This is NOT a regional problem.

It is global and spreads with the trash that represent mohamadism.

Although it also takes place in Sikh and Hindu communities ... where it is an aberration. The ONLY group that actively calls for and supports this barbarism is under that catch all for medieval depravity called Islam.

OregonGuy said...

I believe the aphorism is, "The rotten apple spoils his companions."

I would suggest that Muslims tend to not regulate the health of their barrel well. Unless, the rotten apple is the paradigm. Then, bravo.

Tina said...

And Affleck used Jesus's name as a curse word. And no one noticed. And I still haven't seen any commentary on it. :-(