Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Doing the Math

Via NRO, this is almost not farfetched:

 If you're offended by this, please state your grievance in the comments* so that apologies and lamentations can begin as soon as possible. I do not desire that any victim suffer longer than is absolutely necessary to harvest their sweet sweet tears.

* in Urdu please


OregonGuy said...

The competent should never be allowed to prosper.

Talnik said...

میں ناراض ہوں

lumberjack said...

Both answers are correct.

OregonGuy said...


Didn't know.

"Googled" Talnik's comment, but wasn't able to securely put my thumb on anything.

Good job, Tal!

Mike_W said...

Talnik is more correct: because he is angry in Urdu; also, I have it on good authority that Talnik has hairy nipples.

OregonGuy said...

Well, see, I thought it was Aramaic. (Is Urdu an Aramaic language?)

I'd still like to know what Talnik said.

In some language of which I have a passing understanding. French? German? Russian? Ammeercan?

Mike_W said...

I believe Talnik said, "I have hairy nipples and I find this video offensive", in Urdu.
Hairy nipples are frowned upon in Hindustan.

talnik said...

On contrary! Hairy nipple considered very attractive (left nipple only), almost attractive as black teeth from chewing qat and betel nut!

OregonGuy said...

I think I deserved a trigger warning before reading Talnik's last comment.

Any chance for some aggressive comments moderation?


Off to my safe space.

Mike_W said...

OregonGuy, I also found Talnik's use of the words "betel" and "nut"(with an exclamation mark!) rather micro-aggressive.