Thursday, June 16, 2016



OregonGuy said...


I can't quite put my finger on it.

lumberjack said...

Count yourself lucky then.

talnik said...

Thank goodness you are back, I thought you were in prison. I see now you've been on tour with Hillary, you lucky stiff.

jon thiele said...

A) Yes, it is good to see you still live, T wine.
B) I cannot believe the Hillary campaign allowed this pic. Are you sure it's not shopped?

Veeshir said...

Man, you have to do us all a favor, we come here occasionally just in case you decide to make us laugh or think or something and each time I see that picture.

Put up a video of sausage making or pictures of suppurating pustules or anything less unpalatable than that pic with its horrible subtext.

Talnik said...

I just had suppurating pustules, with some Clonorchis sinensis and a nice Chianti