Saturday, April 25, 2020

Day 5 and the Toilet Paper Has Run Out

IR Dog
Just kidding, I shop at Costco and Sam's Club so before any of this began I had enough toilet paper to last the Russian army through the next decade. In fact, if I can perfect my origami toilet paper face mask I might end up retiring with more money than Jeff Bezos. Just sayin. I got 99 problems but toilet paper ain't one of them.

So the dog. I got a new phone with an infrared camera and I'm practicing with it. Why would you want an infrared camera? Well they can be used as an aid to troubleshooting electronics. See the picture? Well if I suspected that Mr Beasley (the dog) had an electrical fault, the picture would tell me to begin by checking at his right eye. He doesn't have a fault though, in fact he just had a tune-up.

So OK I'm bored. The good news is that my boredom has motivated me to grow spiritually. And, little known fact here, maximum spiritual growth comes from playing Candy Crush and writing snarky Amazon reviews. So turns out spirituality was right in my wheelhouse. Quarantine has just sharpened my skills but turns out I was going in the right direction all along.

I hope everyone is having a nice quarantine. Back to work now, I've got an amazon foot massager that is suffering from review deficiency. Gonna fix that.