Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Maryland Went to Kerry So I'm Not a Racist

Seen that Washington Post article by Brian Nosek regarding
evil Republican Racists? No? How about the first time it was published? (a year ago)

See, it didn't cause enough of a stir the first time around so they figured a way
to add George Bush to the equation and republished it. Well, no, not to a scientific
journal yet. No, it's not ready for that yet.

I downloaded the study and I wonder if it's ever going to be ready for
peer review. Look at this chart:

Main thing is that the description doesn't match the graph labels. But regardless,
look at the explicit (what they claimed) vs. the implicit (what we measured).
It would appear that the strongly liberal are maybe 25-30% less biased than
the "strongly conservative" but they claim to much, much less biased.
Look at the gap between what liberals claimed and what these Democrat scientists
found. And look at that, the gap between what is claimed and what is measured
gets less and less the further you travel towards "strongly conservative." How did
these good Democrat scientists miss the obvious conclusion: that liberals lie
more. (and the "strongly liberal" lie the most)

The "study" is at ('harvesting.GroupDynamics.pdf')
Scroll down to "harvesting"