Tuesday, January 17, 2006


U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy — who ripped Supreme Court nominee Samuel
Alito for ties to a group that discriminates against women — says he’s going
to quit a club notorious for discriminating against women “as fast as I can.”
Kennedy was outed by conservatives late last week as a current member
of The Owl Club, a social club for Harvard alumni that bans women
from membership.
In an interview with WHDH Channel 7’s Andy Hiller that aired last night,
Kennedy said, “I joined when I . . . 52 years ago, I was a member of the Owl Club,
which was basically a fraternal organization.”
Asked by Hiller whether he is still a member, Kennedy said, “I’m not a member;
I continue to pay about $100.”
He then said of being a member in a club that discriminates against women,
“I shouldn’t be and I’m going to get out of it as fast as I can.”
The Harvard Crimson reports that, in 1984, the university severed ties with
clubs like the Owl, citing a federal law championed by Kennedy.
Meanwhile, Kennedy admitted to Hiller that he himself probably couldn’t pass
Judiciary Committee muster.
“Probably not . . . probably not,” Kennedy said.

Not a member but he's going to quit as soon as he can? So he was
lying™ when he said, seconds before, that he wasn't a
member. Lying™, lying™, lying™.
Here's the thing though. Who cares? He probably has had nothing to
do with the club for the last 51 years. Hardly worth mentioning.
Certainly not worth brow beating him about. And having several days
worth of hearings about it would just be silly.