Thursday, February 09, 2006


Oh man, it's blue finger cold out there. Like the Europeans, we
ignored Kyoto so where is this promised global warming? Is global
warming on hold because the Euros are *pretending* to follow
the Kyoto guidelines?

OK, no more snark. I just had to bring it up because they always
bring it up on hot days. And you know, it's effective -- putting that
thought into your head on a very hot day. Makes you wonder, sweat in
your eyes, heat hanging over you, muttering, "gee, sure hope this doesn't
go on forever." I have trouble getting solace in the cold though, with
my nose numb, every steel surface blistering cold, I have trouble thinking,
"if we were only 0.5ยบ C. warmer, that'd be nice."

Not going to argue about it anymore though. It's too much work, too
many questions. Does this guy know what Kyoto would do to the
economy? Is he aware that climate has always been changeable? Has
he really studied the situation, or just read Mother Jones? Whereas the
opposition has only one question, "Is this guy stupid, or is he evil?"
What an uneven playing field. Anyway, don't care today. Too cold.

Good news is, I don't have to work outside until noon or so. Maybe
it will have warmed it up some by then. And even if it hasn't, there's
always long-johns, and hot coffee. I'm going to at least start out
happy. I've found that if you go out the door with the thought in your
head that this might just be the best day ever, that sometimes,
if you're lucky, it really is. This might be it too. Cold, sure, but other than
that, you know, perfect enough. Sublime enough for me. Best day ever, could