Thursday, February 02, 2006


So I got volunteered to make baked ziti for the school for a fund-
raiser. No problem, except for I've never made it before, and the stove
is Satan's own, and there might be 50-75 orders. Oh, and if I don't have
it ready on time, then kids will get no lunch. Talk about pressure.

Well, now I *have* made it. Got about a thousand web recipes and
picked the easiest one. And it was ok, but who knows how it will go
when you multiply the recipe by ten, or fifteen? And what will I do
if I get distracted for 5 seconds and the stove of death turns the top
half inch of the casseroles to carbon?

Only three things I have going for me: mozzarella cheese, and two more
layers of mozzarella cheese. I remember enough of my youth to know
that if there's enough melty cheese, the kids will love it.