Friday, May 05, 2006

Patrick Kennedy

Kennedy Family Motto: "I can explain this."

Michelle Malkin, as usual, has extensive coverage.
OK, it's dangerous to have Kennedys on our roads, but it's also kind of funny. I'll have to see if somewhere there isn't a bookie taking bets on which Kennedy will run amuck next.

Update I:
I found the Kennedy coat of arms and, sure enough, the clan motto is, "I can explain."

Just needed to know where to look.

Update II:
Well darn it. It's no fun ridiculing them if they're going to accept responsibility for their actions. Ha! I just said in effect, "Darn it he's getting help for his problem." But no, that's a liberal trick, wishing ill on your opponents. I'm glad he's getting help, and now, of course, further making of fun would be in bad taste. I'm saving the images though. They can be reworked for the next Kennedy who goes off the rails. Oh come on, you know one of them will before the year is out.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - One day after he crashed his car near the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy, said on Friday he would seek treatment for a long-term drug abuse problem.

Good luck Patrick. Really.

Update III:
But now as for Ted. (click on image to make it big, like the senator's head)

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