Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He Is Shane Becker

Lefties can be funny, but anarchists can actually cause physical damage from laughter. Witness: Poor put upon Shane, whose blog,
I Am Shane Becker
chronicles his abuse for the simple act of taking a picture. (of the inner workings of an ATM machine)

What happened was, Shane took the picture, went into I-know-my-rights mode and got questioned by the police. There seems to be some confusion as to whether he was arrested; most likely he was never charged with a crime, just held for investigation. Not a big deal really; judging from the comments on his post, this country if filled with young people who think they have a constitutional right to give the police a hard time.

So what should Shane do now? The consensus seems to favor suing all the grown-ups involved. This, even though Shane describes himself:

Designer. Typophile. Rails/Rubyist. Still Vegan. Still Straightedge. And, Baby, I’m An Anarchist.

Baby I'm an anarchist, but please could the government court please get me a payday for being a giant douche?

Shane, all you had to do is answer a few questions and explain that you weren't planning to do crime. You know you would be the first in line looking for blood should a credit card skimmer be used to extract money from your account. "Why do they hassle me for taking pictures; they should be stopping real fraud?" Well nozzle-boy, what you were doing looked like it could be part of a plan to do fraud. So they were doing their job, and wasting their time, just because you had to be an ass.


"We've got one who knows his rights, sir.
He says we can't put him back in the box"

Sheesh, it's hard to be rough on the kid knowing that, most likely, one day he'll be grown and embarrassed at being a WWW-famous DB. But one last shot: In his latest update, this "anarchist" is using his blog's red-hot popularity to hawk his line of t-shirts. Bringing in the era of the Anarchist/Capitalist.

Which, btw, I find no fault at all with. Sell them now Shane. I, a fellow capitalist, would.