Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Like JFK

Obama spoke at the Naval Accademy:

Obama made special mention today of the rescue operation last month carried out by Navy SEALs. Snipers killed three Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean while rescuing the captain of an American cargo ship.

"I will not recount the full story of those five days in April," Obama said. "Much of it is already known. Some of it will never be known. And that is how it should be.

I heard this today and immediately was reminded of JFK's "seven days in May". Think the O was trying to swipe a little JFK-aura? Or am I making too much of the similarity?

Because the two events weren't really much alike. JFK faced down the Soviets; Obama shot some alleged pirate teenagers. (after lining someone else up to take the fall should it all go t's up)

Oh, the other good part: "Some of it will never be known. And that is how it should be." Well yeah, now. Now we don't need to know every operational detail of our nation's military. One hundred days ago your people were demanding an accounting of how many nose hair trimmers were in Iraq.

Times change I guess.