Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Manhole Covers Done Right

Most of us think of manhole covers as just another thing in our way when we get the urge to explore the underground, and map out new rat-hunting routes. What? You don't? Well, really, I've never explored the sewers either. But hey, there were manhole covers in the way.

The Japanese have elevated the manhole cover beyond a utilitarian continuation of the sidewalk though. Check them out. Many cool covers here.

Look at it this way; you're already doing a good bit of work forging the steel. Why not add 10% more effort and create something awesome? I'd like to see something like this here. Maybe art deco, or geometrics. We could even do "O"s for Obama. And he'd be all well shucks, what an honor, but he wouldn't know that secretly we made all the "O"s upside-down.

Oh speaking of Obama; this is a random LiveJournal image. Of all the people in this picture, which one would you say is disappointed because he's not the center of attention?:

manhole hat-tip: uniquedaily