Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA srsly

Seriously, about SOPA, it's just too much power put into the hands of people I don't trust. The web would quickly become entangled and impossible to navigate. I have no idea where the above picture originated, but if the original creator wanted, he could shut me down. And I'd have to get in line to be turned back on. The way it works now: some guy emails that he doesn't want me using his image and I delete the post.

Or this:

Remember "My Work Here is Done"? I created the image. I put my "LJ" in the bottom right corner and set it free. Shortly thereafter it started traveling. Now it's all over the place and in some places it's lost the "LJ".

All I ask of anyone who uses my images is that they give me credit and/or a link. But it doesn't bother me when they don't.

But here's the thing; there's nothing to stop some wild eyed utopian from saying that the image is his. Sure, I could prove it was mine if it came down to it but it would require a lot of work. And with SOPA, Blogger would have to shut me down until the dispute was resolved.

A few years back, liberal kids were going around flagging every conservative blog they came across as a spam site. Lumberjacks got caught up in it and Blogger shut me down. It took weeks to get reinstated. Blogger has cleaned up their procedure for eliminating spam sites since then, but SOPA would bring back the bad old days with a vengeance. Anyone could shut anyone down.

So, SOPA bad.