Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dogs Do Sometimes Disappoint

But if your dog goes hippie, you can rehab him with a rolled up newspaper. Cats take offense at such things.

BTW, one of our dogs decided he would pee where he darned well pleased last night. So I spy him whizzing on the side of a chair and I'm so surprised that I call him by the wrong name, "Skippy! Nooo!!!"

Well he forgot he was housebroken but he hadn't forgotten his name so he goes right on piddling. No doubt, thinking to himself, "Wow, it sure sounds like he's mad at Skippy."

So anyway, he goes back in the crate tonight. Problem with that is that the other dog, Skippy, likes to sleep in the crate. In Skippy's eyes, I'll be rewarding the little criminal.

By the way, "Skippy" is a nom de hound. All of my dogs are named "Password". I figure, cut out the middleman.

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