Sunday, September 14, 2014

News of the Weird

In August, a criminology professor at Rome's La Sapienza University arranged a two-hour guest lecture on "emergency practices" by an "experienced" hand -- Francesco Schettino, the captain currently on trial in Italy for his role in the sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia in 2012, when 32 people died. Said the captain: "I was called to speak because I am an expert. ... I know what to do in these sorts of situations." (Schettino will have to refute alleged evidence that "what to do" included running straight for the nearest lifeboat.) [Associated Press via (Sydney), 8-7-2014] 



Gino said...

my dad still laughs at this incident... how the guy on the radio was ordering him back to the ship... tossing in a few words that only italian speakers use.

citizenlurker said...

well, it *is* a criminology course, and the guest lecturer is an expert in criminal behavior...