Saturday, September 27, 2014


I like the columnists at National Review Online but they don't make it easy. Look at the numbers - slower than 88% of tested websites. Add to that the pop-ups, pop-unders, slide-arounds, and occasional autoplay ads and it quickly becomes more work than it's worth. I often make it my last stop because if anything is going to crash my browser, it will be NRO's Corner.

The Blink tag is the only thing that could make it more irritating.


Anonymous said...

Try setting Shockwave Flash to "Ask to activate".
I like opening multiple tabs in Firefox & then walking thru them at my leisure; with Flash autoloading, it was a babel of noise from all of the auto-start ads.
With Ask to activate, they don't run & the whole browsing experience is greatly enhanced.

OregonGuy said...

All they need to do is add one more piece of junk to their site, and I'm out. I can only have one tab open, and I close Dropbox and e-mail.

I already disabled cache.

Foxfier said...

AdBlockPlus works nicely, since I use chrome. I think they have versions for other browsers.