Wednesday, February 09, 2005


From News of the Weird. I guess if you're going to lie, lie big:

After five years of the New Mexico government always accepting Viola Trevino's child support claims against Steve Barreras (over the vasectomied Barreras' objections), a court in Albuquerque finally ruled in December that the child never existed. The judge concluded that Trevino had lied numerous times and had forged DNA evidence, birth certificates, and other documents and that Barreras had been unjustly forced to pay $20,000 in support, even though Trevino had never publicly produced the child. In December, having run out of excuses, Trevino borrowed a little girl from a stranger on the street and took her into the courtroom to "be" her and Barreras' daughter (but the stranger followed Trevino inside and exposed the ruse). Gov. Bill Richardson ordered an investigation as to how so many state officials had been hoaxed for so long. [The New Mexican-AP, 12-13-04]

The real story will be when this woman appeals and some court reinstates the payments. I wonder what university the "kid" will be attending.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this guy will be getting his money back - with interest - any day now.