Thursday, February 10, 2005

Melancholy in the wind

Man, the wind here today could blow your lips off. A little chill
too, but at least there was some sun. I had to meet an appraiser at
my mom's house to value things for the estate. What with one thing
and another, I ended spending the day there. Which was ok because
I needed time to go through papers and locate the deed etc.

The melancholy was all my doing. After I'd found the documents I
needed, I looked through the memory boxes. Lots of old pictures,
report cards, plaster hand-prints, the things we save; many many
boxes. And lots of memories came back, of vacations, confirmations,
vaccinations.. lots. I found the tassel from my high school graduation,
and I remembered that fiddling with it is what caused me to walk into
a free standing hand rail on my way backstage. Bam, full speed, right
into it, causing my huevos to end up in my back pockets. Youch it hurt,
but I couldn't acknowledge the pain because there were classmates all
around. So I walked up to get my diploma taking little bitty steps, and
I hoped that the principal didn't think my watery eyes were caused by
sadness at leaving his school.

Ah, the memories.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the melancholy. Wish the rest of *us* in the world could help.

To add to it...two days ago a woman I know, about my age, with four kids...a college freshman, a high school senior, twin high school freshman, took some sort of tumble (I've heard conflicting reports about what exactly happened), hit her head, and died. Just like that.

Life is very fragile. And not fair at all.

lumberjack said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about it. Poor kids, having to cope with something like that; they've had the rug pulled out from under them. Yes, not fair at all.