Friday, April 07, 2006

Matt Parker and Trey Stone

As Cartman says, "Man I love you guys."

Just like when I was 12, I'm waiting anxiously for the next installment of my favorite cartoon. (South Park, of course) Why? Because Parker and Stone have had the guts to address what the mainstream media has been pussy-footing around ever since the Mohammed cartoons came out. This is a freedom of speech issue, and it's a wimp-out issue, and it's also an issue of Muslims working themselves up into a frenzy; not so much because they have been wronged, because they like raging at the west.

I am genuinely sorry if there were Muslims who were offended by the original Danish cartoons. The Piss Christ and dozens of other "works of art" that attempt to denigrate Christianity offend me. But I don't seek out such things - I haven't seen Christian leaders going around the country trying to whip the masses into a frenzy about them - and I certainly haven't seen those leaders making up worse examples themselves and asserting that they come from the artists. What shameful leaders those Imams were, to do worse than the original cartoons in order enrage their followers.

Well, those followers may get another chance to be offended next week when Part Two of the Mohammed episode runs. If you missed Part One, the Officers' Club has a pretty fair synopsis. Who knows if Comedy Central will allow it to run. They changed their programming once because the Scientologists got upset. And in that case, there was probably no danger of enraged followers storming the studio..... well, maybe Tom Cruise, but I understand he's not so big really.




Doug said...

That Preview looks just like the real world after they shoveled sand over my head.

hmmdar said...

Comedy Central's censoring of this episode is nothing more than supporting the islamic terrorest, though not direclty but giving into their demads in this case does nothing but enforce their fear and strenghtens their control over our media.