Friday, August 01, 2008

Nancy's New Book

This is a snip from Nancy Pelosi's Amazon page for her new book. Drudge is running out of pixels trying to keep up with its sales rank. (it was around 1300 when I checked) Look at the tags though: "waste of a tree", "horse manure", "boring". It looks like people have been busy making their feelings known. I'm proud of you, Amazonians.

Not that I get a lot of joy from the Speaker's failure. I probably wouldn't have even commented, but for her stunt this afternoon of pulling the plugs and turning off the lights on Republican members of the House who were speaking out on the failure to allow use of domestic oil resources. Since when is silencing your opponents part of the democratic process?

I tell you what, if these people get control of the congress and the presidency, we're in for a huge assault on our freedom of speech. The "Fairness" Doctrine will just be the start.

Hillary won't like it, but I've photoshopped Nancy in her place on the he-ain't-heavy-he's-my-brother picture. Then I submitted it to the "other images" on Nancy's book page.

And ***UpdateII: Ah, now it's clear why Nancy was in such a hurry to turn out the lights and lock-up "her" House of Representatives: She wanted to get on the horn to Amazon and get someone to delete comments and remove alternate images. The comments went from over 200 down to 13. Ah well, good try guys. Out of curiosity I think I'll check to see if liberal comment-bombs ever get taken down from books they don't like.