Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Talking Boats

This, of course, is Bio Solar One, also known as The Smug Boat, Al Gore's latest toy. It's supposedly "Toyota Prius of boats". Sure, because it doesn't take energy to push a massive boat through the water if you put a Prius logo on it.

Contrast this with Lunch Box One, the boat I've rented for the week. Sorry Al, I couldn't afford the extra smug. It's got a cinder-block anchor that shows signs of having smashed many toes before mine. There are old strips of duct tape on most of the rails, which, I suppose I could be used to hold on solar panels, but more probably are the only thing holding the rails on the boat.

It's not that I'm complaining. These same rental folks gave me a fine boat last year. I'm just happy to be on the water drowning worms. Give me an inner-tube and binoculars, ok, and maybe some garden shears, and I'm happy.