Friday, May 14, 2010


Daniel Foster at NRO:

The Obama administration has declared a war on fat, and its first major front is the Healthy CHOICES Act, a bill recently introduced to the House by Rep. Ron Kind (D., Wisc.).

Among the bill's provisions is an initiative that would allow the government to electronically track how fat you and your kids are — according to your body-mass index (BMI) — via "public health coverage, public school-based clinics, and maternal and child health services."

Consider also that as the proportion of Americans whose health-insurance is subsidized by the government zooms past a majority in the next decade, we will live in a country that can't secure its borders or check a No-Fly List, but will know with a degree of statistical certitude that Little Suzy has put on the freshman fifteen.

How many change-voters were looking for the government to impose discipline on their soda intake or regulate how much salt is on their crackers?

Even worse is the rational for the government controlling how we live: If you get heart disease because you smoked or were overweight, society will suffer because they're going to have to foot the bill. But I don't want society to foot my bill. I don't want your healthcare or government cheese, keep your hands off my soda please. (there must be a C&W song in there somewhere)