Monday, June 20, 2011

Old Stuff

It's odd. One of the coolest things about Al Gores' high speed digital intertubium is that you can find images that were made long before the first transistor. Think about it - it's 1948 and you're a government agency concerned about the epidemic of flaming babies in the nation's kitchens. Well, why not advertise in Life magazine? Just that much better if your ad can go on to live in the cloud, warning mothers not yet born about the dangers of setting the baby on the stove.

And thanks to the vast infocloud, nobody will ever again have to wonder about the best way to milk a snake. Not if they own an old doorbell and a computer.

Icing on the cake: getting to point out that the reason the Russians want Obama reelected is because they like one-sided treaties that require nothing from them. They, too, don't put the interests of the United States first.

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