Thursday, June 02, 2011

Weiner Hits the Fan

I've learned a lot of things reading Andrew C. McCarthy. Latest is:

I’m curious about the Congressman’s [Anthony Weiner's] claim that “ordinary citizens” can’t take their cases to the FBI. To the contrary, the FBI, the Justice Department, and several other federal agencies take computer crime very seriously...

...There are various federal statutes (e.g., Sections 1029 and 1030 of the federal penal code — Title 18) that deal with hacking and other forms of computer fraud (including what they call “access device” fraud). They are serious felonies and can call for imprisonment for over ten years.

See, I always suspected that the "federal penal code" covered this sort of conduct. Course everyone in Civics class was afraid to ask. (though, for some reason, we never tired of asking questions about Uranus in Science)