Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Being Pro Life

In Maryland the Senate has passed SB 276, which would abolish the death penalty. It now just has to clear the House to become law.

I realize many conservatives disagree with me on this one. Disagreeing with me doesn't mean you're a bad person, it just means you're wrong. (That's pretty much a hard and fast rule, by the way)

So, if you do agree with me that life without parole is punishment enough, and you live in Maryland, go here and send a message to your delegate.


Zundfolge said...

I have no moral qualms about putting heinous criminals to death, I simply do not trust our corrupt legal system to get it right (or more to the point NOT get it wrong) often enough that I feel comfortable with the state putting people to death.

Gino said...

the end of capital punishment, for the reasons spoken above, is the only real conservative, limited govt viewpoint, IMO.

tomg51 said...

Death is easy.
I'd prefer hard time.
Dementors would be ideal (Harry Potter reference)

Ten Mile Island said...

The State has the right to take the life of the enemy of the State.

Without argument. (See John Locke.)

However, it seems to me easier to convict with a sentence of Life, rather than execution. For a myriad of reasons, not an unimportant one, cost.

kc said...

I have to agree - Life is enough, under the present circumstances. With law enforcement agencies and their governments as corrupt as they are, too many mistakes can be made.

ASM826 said...

I think the people in favor of abolishing the death penalty should accept the extra taxes necessary to pay for the prison that will house these criminals.

Build a separate facility so the expense of operations can be tracked. Call it a deferred death penalty facility. Criminals sentenced to death would be diverted to this prison. Each year, on the tax forms, taxpayers would be asked if they were opposed to the death penalty. If they check yes, a surcharge on their income tax would be levied to pay their share of the prison costs. Each year, they would have an option to continue to support their beliefs with their money. The rest of us would have no further reason to complain about the costs of lifetime care for violent criminals. It's win-win!