Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

I've sort of tuned out the pope news, mainly because most of the yammering news heads are not Catholic. (and a fair number aren't even Christian) So good though. We have a pope, and I didn't have to listen to the blah-blah. I wonder a little bit if Chris Matthews or any of them called for Obama to be elected but if they did I'm glad I didn't hear it. I would have been against it, which no doubt would be labeled racist.


Larry Sheldon said...

I am surprised they didn't catch hell for the air pollution.

Gino said...

you need to remove that I from his name. until there is a II, he is only known as Francis.

Veeshir said...

I tried watching but it annoyed me.
Once I found myself yelling at Shep Smith, "Which Saint Francis?" I knew it was time to stop watching.

Everybody kept saying, "He named himself after St. Francis. One of the most humble saints."

He's a Jesuit so I'm guessing Xavier, but some people say Francis of Assisi.

I still don't know and neither do they.
But at least I know I don't know.
Most of the blow-dried, teleprompter readers (Hey Shep!) haven't a clue.
He probably thinks they're the same person.

lumberjack said...

Remove the i? OK but it looks a little weird: Pope Francs I

Anonymous said...

They tried to elect Bozo except they could not figure out how to get the smoke to come out half black and half white.

Gino said...

or to get the smoke to blow only leftward.

LJ: i said 'I', not 'i'... lol

Cris Brown said...

need to remove i.......Visalus

GregMan said...

Someone said "Hey, look, it's the Pope!" and Obama said, "No, not me, I'm the twelfth imam!"