Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Abused by the IRS

Via Hotair:

A pro-life legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom, released audio today of a 2012 phone call between an IRS agent and the head of a Texas pregnancy counseling group. During the phone call, IRS agent Sherry Wan is heard lecturing Ania Joseph about how she can’t have a tax exemption and also push her religious beliefs— a bit of advice that would be quite interesting to every church in America.
This doesn't surprise me. an IRS employee decides she should use her government given power to punish those she doesn't agree with. I doubt Barack Obama told her to hassle this group. But he also didn't clean house when he found out that this sort of thing was going on before the 2012 election. That's his job. That's his failure.


OregonGuy said...

This got me way too pee-o'd.

Does it help that Gauleiter Shumer and his ilk were writing letters to the IRS requesting stronger enforcement against conservative groups?

Ace had this link on his page:


We can start pointing fingers, I think.