Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Does Such a Thing Even Exist?

Among the Bilderberg attendees:

Balls, Edward M.    -      Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

 Oh man, if I had even known that there was such a thing, "Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer", I feel certain I would have lived my life in such a way as to one day attain that post. I mean, the business cards alone would make it all worthwhile.

"Oh, how nice, you're a brain surgeon, me? oh nothing much. I'm just the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, that's all." Yeah! In your face!

I wouldn't even mind having a name like Ed Balls.


Surellin said...

Oh man, I thought that was character from Harry Potter. A villain, of course.

OMMAG said...

Ed em balls... sorry couldn't resist.

Wry Mouth said...

I think the name comes with the title, actually.