Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Remember the stealth racial epithets that Tea Party members were alleged to have hurled? They were magic in that liberals could hear them but they would not register on any recording device known to man. I've always assumed that the liberal ear was tuned to a racist frequency primarily because their hearts were similarly tuned. Usually they keep it hidden, but sometimes it comes to the surface:

A Democratic lawmaker from Minnesota criticized Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act by calling Justice Clarence Thomas “Uncle Thomas,” then saying he didn’t know “Uncle Tom” was a racist epithet.

On his Twitter account Tuesday, state Rep. Ryan Winkler called the justices’ 5-4 ruling striking down a part of the law racist, and the work of “four accomplices to race discrimination and one Uncle Thomas.” Justice Thomas, who is black, was one of the five justices in the majority.