Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bashing Bashir

Martin Bashir argued that the British people are excited over the birth of the royal baby because they need a morale boost to overcome the economic woes wrought by conservative fiscal policy. Then he uses his whine voice to claim that it's GOP policies in action...

OK, well the guy can stretch. But, I thought, the guy is British, doesn't he remember the birth of Harry and William?  Sure, it was the 80's so Bashir could have been stoned or imprisoned for taking liberties with farm animals, but he should be aware that all Royal births are surrounded by this sort of celebration.

Anyway, whatever. The good news is that I came across this image while looking for photographic proof that Bashir is an ignorant scold:

Is that cool or what? It's Princess Elizabeth in the WWII. I hadn't realized that she had served. You learn something new every day. (provided you don't rely on MSNBC)


Anonymous said...

I hear on one of the really scurrilous grapevines I tend to refer to from time to time that the potential King Charles The Third, PBUH, has suggested that the new Prince be named Mohammed on the basis that he will be able to draw benefits from day one and when he grows up will grow a beard, head bang himself a Zebiba and declare Jihad.

Halcyon days.

Regards, SIII

GregMan said...

Her Maj and her sister were both nurses during WWII. As opposed to, say, President Soetero, who was a coke head and communist in his twenties.

Come to think of it, not much has changed...

Tina said...

I learned that when I was collecting homefront memorabilia. She's something, is the Queen! The British royals are actually quite hard-working people, and they don't hold themselves apart from ordinary folks as much as America's self-proclaimed political class does. Well, at least they didn't used to. Security craziness may have changed some of that now.