Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Friends

Too cute to wait for the next Cute Post:

Some childhood playmates turn out to be friends for life. For others, there comes a time when they simply outgrow each other.

For most of their six years on the planet, Emily Bland and Rishi the orangutan have been an unlikely double act – enjoying picnics, games and the occasional rough and tumble.

But now, they are being forced to, well, grow apart, because Rishi’s keepers think he will soon be too big and powerful to play with his human friend.
I'll bet they remain friends even when their meetings become less free. I can understand why it has to be this way though; a full grown orangutan could lift Michael Moore off the ground and dance a Greek Loulouvikos.



Talnik said...

On a lighter note I got my Large Mug today ("My Work Here is Done" edition). Very impressive.

lumberjack said...

Good man. You may notice that coffee tastes better from this mug. Also enzymes on the surface of the ceramic turn poisons into vitamins. And you will find that you're actually taller after the first few weeks of mug therapy.