Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amateur Hour in Mo

When Obama first spoke about Ferguson I was quietly impressed. After all, he resisted the temptation to pass judgement before there was even an investigation. I had half expected him to pull a rush to judgement, as he did with Trayvon, and the Harvard professor. So yeah, I was pleased that the 1st. Law Professor seemed to finally understand how our judicial system was supposed to work.

And I expect Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to pause in their money counting long enough to pronounce judgement on on a man they know nothing about. But Jay Nixon had no reason to call for prosecution. Nobody could fault him for saying "let's see where this investigation leads."

Bax Nixon. Bad bad Nixon.


OMMAG said...

Could it be that the politician thought he might somehow cover his ass by joining the chant of the mob?

He is a Democrat right?

Spartacus said...

What is it about Nixons?

lumberjack said...

Yeah, he's a Nixon Democrat.

markm said...

No relation to the former President, according to Wikipedia.

lumberjack said...

Yes, but according to Wikipedia I'm a lumberjack ballerina currently under indictment in the Philippines for practicing alchemy without a license.