Monday, August 04, 2014

I Report, You Forget Please

Ooops moment for a Finnish journalist who accidentaly told the truth:

A Finnish journalist reported seeing Hamas terrorists launch a rocket at Israel from a Gaza hospital, but later attacked news outlets for using her report as a pro-Israel “propaganda weapon.”

Aishi Zidan, a journalist for the daily newspaper Helsinging Sanomat, described the rocket attack in a report, which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday. The blog Legal Insurrection provided a translation of the Finnish report.

Zidan reported that a rocket was fired at 2:00 a.m. from the parking lot of Gaza City’s main hospital, Shifa Hospital.
You can see what happened here. The journalist was lucky enough to be in an area when news happened. She reports the news eagerly, because, well, it's news.

Only later does she realize that it doesn't fit the narrative.

And what was she doing at the hospital? Looking for Israeli atrocities?

It's a fact that Hamas fires rockets from hospitals, schools and residential areas. Many reporters just ignore the fact. (and Hillary claims that Gaza is just so small that they can't help it)

I propose a new narrative for Hillary, Finnish reporters, and antisemitic noncombatant helpers: "Our guys just forgot they were in a school yard, hospital parking lot, or residential shelter."


Veesjor said...

So much of what our moral, political, intellectual and social betters believe depends on forgetting what has been reported.

I usually call it "willful ignorance" because that's more descriptive, but you have to love the term, "tactical stupidity".