Friday, August 01, 2014

Cute's Back

I've not disengaged from the political these days but I'm finding it harder to comment on our current insanity. The world needs serious men, and women, at the moment and we've been electing guys we'd like to hang out with. The world has a way of working these things out, but it's often not pretty.

So I've been watching Wicked Tuna and fixing things around the house. How lazy is that, by the way – watching videos of other people fishing? I mean, when it's done right, fishing is already about the least taxing "sport" there is. 

Course the TV doesn't show the long hours of waiting for fish to show up. That wouldn't sell. (though in my present state of mind, I might watch it) But what they do show: a fish gets on the line, then you either lose it or don't, and if you do get it in the boat, it's either a good fish or a great fish. There are no surprises. They never catch a talking fish, or one that can grant wishes.

If I ever catch a talking tuna that can grant me three wishes, I'll ask him to put Charles Krauthammer into the president's body. Three times.


Gino said...

"we've been electing guys we'd like to hang out with."

i think i speak for most when i say i would never want one of the guys i hung out with making important decisions...
and those i would trust, would never want to hang out with me.