Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Boy do I feel good today... Found out that the glitch
that the echo technician thought was a tumor was just
a glitch. After a week of worry, and coffin shopping
in my head, I can relax. I'll continue seeing the doctor,
that is, if they let me back in that hospital after I forced
kisses on everyone (even bystanders) in the radiology department.



Anonymous said...

*WHEW* is right!

lumberjack said...

Yeah, I guess there's a reason for the policy of not letting the technicians discuss findings with the patients. (this was a sweet oriental woman.... said, "holy crap, what you got in there? what is this, a farm tractor?") [in her favor; she DID know her way around my heart, "oh, this a big one, must be full of bunny rabbits and butterflies]