Thursday, May 12, 2005

the Green Party

Paperwork isn't so hard to do today, all I have to do is
look out the window at the alternatives. Lawn mowing has broken out
all over. And I'd swear some of these guys were out there mowing
last weekend too. Have we changed the formula to twice a week?
I didn't get that memo. Anyway, I don't find lawn mowing relaxing.
Especially early in the season when the mower blade is still finding
all the jump-ropes, Barbie heads, and dog collars that were lost
last winter.

I do have lots to do. The government has started paying their bills
again, so there must be a renegade at the payment office. Best to get
all the paperwork in while I can. [sometimes I wonder if their fax
machine doesn't output directly into one of those beige government
trash cans]