Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Most E-mailed

Yahoo news has had most popular, and most e-mailed news for
some time now. I'll check it from time to time, though lately I've
wondered if the ballot box isn't being stuffed by people e-mailing
stories to themselves just to bump their favorite story up the chart.

Lately though, there's new links at the bottom of the page for most
e-mailed stories from different countries. Interesting that for the last
week the french and the germans have mainly e-mailed cartoons to each
other. And with the b-fish you can see which stories they consider
important. Ah, well. It's something to do if you don't have interest
in what Paula Abdul does on her spare time.

Oh, and you don't need translation for the most e-mailed stories from
India; they're in english. Like this one: [har]

Fraudster sells PM's residence on Web site
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The intelligence department is investigating reports that a fraudster sold an American businessman the prime minister's residence in the heart of New Delhi recently, a leading daily reported on Sunday.

The businessman forked out 35 million rupees ($802,600) for the house that was up for sale on a Web site as a "huge sprawling mansion in the heart of Lutyen's Delhi with 24x7 running water and electricity", the Hindustan Times said.

He soon received the title deed for the house and arrived in the Indian capital late in March to take possession of the house for an office he planned to set up only to discover he had been cheated.