Monday, May 23, 2005


I get the call in traffic... Your kid hurt her finger playing
basketball you need to come get her. So I drive to the school, imagining
the extent of her injuries along the way. *Is* there
such a thing as a nine-fingered violinist? Will they let her be an
astronaut with only one arm? (from the gangrene scenario) Will the pain
drive her insane before I get there?

Course, it turned out to be one of those basketball ouchies. Run of the
mill thing that could be a break, but most likely was only a bad, bad
ouchie. The trick now is to get an x-ray and ortho appointment without
the usual six hour Urgent Care Center wait. Urgent? that will be six hours.
I wonder where you go if you're not in a hurry. Is there such a thing as
a Take-your-time-I-don't-mind-waiting Care Center? I think there is, and it's
called the Urgent Care Center. Ah well.

Anyway, mom has taken over the Dr adventure. Much as I hate to admit it, a
mom has a comforting advantage by nature. And I couldn't go with because
there is a meeting that we have to attend in order to be eligible for a
$1000-off tuition drawing; they may not be back in time. [and this year I
feel lucky]

Maybe I'll fix something special for the kid while they're gone. The problem
is timing; her favorite vegetables are french (pa-toui) fries, and hash-browns
(mmmm), and those are things that don't like reheating. Maybe I'll mix a few
green beans into the chocolate pudding and call it balanced.

Awww, poor critter got a chipped bone. We may have more doctors to do tomorrow
but she's doing fine -- she wore an arm sling to the school meeting
and impressed her friends no end. From my experience though, broken fingers
only come into full bloom on the next day -- hope she's ok in the morning.
(oh... the tuition drawing? Next year that sucker is mine)

And more-
The child would make a fine lumberjack. Not a whimper as she set off for school.
And the doctor said my splint would be fine. [in the woods we usually just
splint broken limbs with a chainsaw on either side and finish our shift]