Friday, May 27, 2005


Why is it that, despite yesterday's traffic being clogged with
"early get-away" folks, and no doubt midday today seeing more
of the same, why is it that I *know* that getting home tonight
will be an epic task? Where do these people come from? And
why do they all wait until they're in front of me to start talking
on their mobile phones?
Yesterday it sounded like the dialog from Deadwood in my van. I know
I should have more patience. I know I shouldn't throw rocks at other
drivers. I know, I know.

Know what makes it more frustrating? Our local radio traffic guy
will point out when there is some stupid reason for a back-up. "There's
several highway administration trucks blocking the right and center
lanes but the workers have just been playing cards and drinking beer for the
last two hours....." I think he's just trying to help, but, well, sometimes
you don't want to know that you've been sitting in traffic because some
fool doesn't know to move to the shoulder after his cellphone use has
caused a 3mph bump to the guy ahead of him. Oh, or worse, when the guy
who received the 3mph bump decides that he's won the pain-and-suffering
lottery and demands an ambulance and fire trucks.

Oh man, I've almost talked myself into staying home. I better go.
Have a great weekend everyone.