Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Germaine Greer

The animal world has finally taken its revenge on Irwin ...

A man died so Germaine Greer decided the time was right to express that thought. What a sweet girl she is.

You can read the article but a pretty good summation is: 1)Steve Irwin has died 2) In the bush, Steve often stepped in stuff that had more class than Germaine Greer.

via Tim Blair.


Anonymous said...

And that's putting it lightly. Good call. I think she must have been one neglected little child.

Anonymous said...

She is not a girl, she is a woman. Quite an educated woman. Do women with opinions frighten you little boy ?

lumberjack said...

a little, yes.

Women with jabber eyes, deranged face, brandishing tin snips, chanting a monotone, "neuter them neuter them neuter them neuter them..." do scare me. The ones educated at Cambridge University, especially so.

Anonymous said...

I think opinions are ok...surely they are. But it would seem gg is expressing much more than that. She has hate in her words. Why?