Friday, April 25, 2008

Food Shortages

Now, with the internet I imagine we can spook ourselves into food shortages. Sort of like a run on the bank, panic spreads, and people hoard, and the artificial shortage is born. Make no mistake, there are shortages, and prices are going up, but there will be enough to eat in this country. Ethanol smuggists will tilt their heads, vote themselves an ego stroke, and starve other people. But we won't see it here, not for a good while. When food prices start to get ridiculous they'll blame Global Warming, and republicans, but not themselves.

Anyway, I was premature in thinking the panic had begun, after seeing this headline over at NRO:

Mexican official caught stealing White House BlackBerries.
I thought, "poor bastards, reduced to this," but it turns out it wasn't the pie kind. It was the digital toy kind.

***Also: The must read on this mess, by Deroy Murdock:

If scientists can develop ethanol that neither starves people nor rapes the Earth, splendid. However, this enterprise must not rest upon morally repugnant, ecologically counterproductive, economically devastating, government-ordered distortions.

Course, the sensitive earth smuggies will accuse him of being in the employ of Big Rice, but sooner or later reality will catch up with them. They can ignore poor people eating dirt in Haiti but they'll notice my elbow to the forehead as I wrestle the last bag of Basmati from them in aisles of Sams Club. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.