Saturday, April 05, 2008

Air America

If I had a shortwave radio, I'd try to find Air America. No, really, if for no other reason that it would give me something to be (patchouli) incensed about.

But now the beacon of the tin foil hat set, Randi Rhodes, has been suspended, and I may never get to hear her. Remember Randi? (She's the one who was mugged by a pack of right-wing thugs who resembled eleven Guinness and six shots of Raspberry Stoli)

The NYT has the story of her suspension:

Ms. Rhodes used vulgar language that likened Mrs. Clinton to a prostitute at an event sponsored by KKGN, the Air America affiliate in the San Francisco area, on March 22. A video of Ms. Rhodes’ remarks was published to the video-sharing Web site YouTube on Tuesday, prompting condemnations by some bloggers.

Heh, heh, heh. You know they wouldn't have suspended her if she was making the same remarks about Condi Rice. It's only crude if you're talking about another liberal.

Operation chaos seems to be working.