Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two Things

Well, three things actually. First, well, know what? let's skip the first thing. OK? Second thing, looking at this picture, you can see.... wait a minute. That makes no sense without the first thing; which we already skipped. So right on down to the third point I was going to make. Which was the important one anyway. Third thing: damn. I can't believe I forgot what the third thing was.

***Update: OK, first thing then. What I was doing when I found the fairly odd professional-wrestler-punk-rock-gun-girl above was: I was searching "gun, girl" [yes, with safe search turned on] in order to find an image of a girl/woman with a gun and a bible that I could Photoshop Hillary's face onto. The idea being that politics is forcing her into a mold that surely is abhorrent to her. And I didn't really find anything suitable.

But what I did find.... And maybe it means nothing, but I found out of the thousands of images of girls/women with guns, about one in twenty shows the subject pointing it at her own head, or heart. Doesn't that seem like a lot? Aside from the fact that it's a stupid thing to do, how is it that that many women would even think to aim the gun at themselves? There were even more images of that than of other people (usually idiot boyfriends it looks like) aiming the gun at them.

I don't know; probably means nothing. It's disturbing though. More my speed: