Monday, January 05, 2009

Corrupt Politicians

Warner Todd Huston writes at Newsbusters:

Showing they have no sense of morality, no grasp of corruption and no understanding of what defines a criminal, CNN gives us another one of those ubiquitous year in review stories, this one titled "Politicians who fell from grace in 2008." In this one, CNN has decided to reveal for us their top eight politicians that found 2008 to be a "career-buster" because of their "crimes and misdemeanors" or their outrageous controversies.

CNN features corruption mired Rod Blagojevich, the sex crazed Elliot Spitzer and John Edwards, and the criminal bribe taker Ted Stevens among four others. Each of these men in the CNN list have either been convicted of criminal actions, are indicted for corruption, lost their positions, been drummed out of their party, or are soon to face jail time. Among these eight criminals, however, is a name that doesn't belong among this class of serial abuser of the public trust. It won't be shocking to note that among the worst sex criminals, bribe takers, liars and thieves in politics for 2008, CNN ridiculously included the name of Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin, however, has done nothing remotely like what these other political ner-do-wells have done....

Well, there was that turkey thing... yeah, maybe America will forgive her one day. But what did she really do to become "disgraced"? She got in the way of the Obama train. She became the target of leftist "news outlets" like CNN who set out to destroy anything that threatened their candidate. The extent of their hatred is illustrated by the fact that they still can't let it go and the election has been over for almost two months.

What do you bet that a year from now the media is still finding ways to bash Bush, Sarah, and Joe the Plumber?